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Finest Wines, Spirits and Beers

Exclusive wines from around the world.



At Nu Flava, we serve the finest wines, spirits and beer you can find in Winsford, Cheshire. Tastefully designed, our modern bar offers lots of exclusive wines from around the world.

Our modern wine/cocktail bar is one of its kind offering cocktails to die for. At Nu Flava restaurant and wine bar, you will find options you will never try anywhere else. We offer exclusive cocktails created in-house especially for you.

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We offer a full range of different shots and can also make anything you want with the wide range of spirits we stock. We are happy to customise your cocktail the way you like.

Cocktails are £5.95 each or two for £10.


We are the only Peroni supplier on draught in the whole of Winsford. We are amongst the top 35 bars in the UK for a pint of Peroni!

You can hire parts of the bar for any special occasion or celebration. Simply hire our space, and let us handle it all for you.

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Visit Nu Flava restaurant and bar today to relax, converse and have a ball with friends. Our bar is open past midnight until 1:30 AM every weekend. We offer full house entertainment all weekends with lots of live music and DJ’s too.
We also host our very own celebrity nights that are a rage among our patrons. Click here to know all about our upcoming events. If you’d like to receive updates by email, write to us at

Contact us on 01606 550606 for more information about our bar.